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  • Asian Halaal Cooking Classes


    Our halal classes are thoughtfully designed to meet Muslim dietary requirements:

    • Pork and Alcohol-Free: We ensure that all dishes are completely free of pork and alcohol, including the ingredients in sauces and condiments.
    • Certified Halal Meat: We exclusively source our meat from certified halal butchers, such as Faheem's Meat & Deli, Forsmay Butcher, and Chalmer Beef.
    • Authentic Flavors: Our classes primarily focus on Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, which traditionally do not use alcohol in their cooking. By substituting the protein source, we make these dishes halal without compromising their authentic flavors. We also modify classes like Korean Fried Chicken to be halal.

    While we take great care to provide halal options, we are not halal-certified vendor. Additionally, our regular halal classes, which are also open to the public, may include non-Muslim customers who choose to enjoy a glass of wine with their meal.

    For those seeking an entirely alcohol-free environment, we offer private classes for groups of 12-14 or semi-private events with a minimum of 6 people. To arrange a drinking-free halal class, please provide a 2-month notice to help us promote it to our halal clientele.

    Since 2017, our mission has been to share the love of authentic Asian home cooking. Asian cuisine is characterized by its use of alcohol and the universal preference for pork as the primary protein. In China, pork is simply labeled as "the meat" on menus, without further specification. Our commitment remains steadfast even years later. In 2021, we introduced halal classes, all thanks to Fehmida Jordaan (known as Fehmz), who enlightened us about this underserved clientele. However, this is an additional aspect of our core business, and we don't plan to make all our classes and products halal, particularly due to the scarcity of halal-certified Asian ingredients that match the taste of non-certified products. While there are plenty of halal products available in the market, they are often not certified when imported, as South Africa is not primarily known as a Muslim country.

    All the chicken, lamb, and beef used in our classes and products are halal, even for non-halal classes and on non-halal products: 3 halal butchers deliver to us weekly - Faheem's, Fosmay and Chalmer Beef. Quality of the meat are superb from them so stay assured.

    We are situated in Waterfall Estate in Midrand, Johannesburg: just 5 minutes from The Mall of Africa, and 30 minutes from Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the Airport. Scroll down to view the Google Map in this page.

    Our goal is to boost your home cooking confidence with engaging culinary education, structured into three phases:

    • Reception (15 mins before class): Welcome with our signature drink and potstickers.
    • Preparation & Knowledge Transfer (2.5 hours): Learn ingredient sourcing, prep, and key techniques with lots of tasting and laughters. NO DRINKING during this time.
    • Cooking & Dining (1.5 hours): After the hard work, cook, enjoy the meal, and share laughter.

    We don't have individual cooking stations where all clients get to cook their own, but we cook communally as a team. Your involvement in the class is up to you, depending on whether you prefer to observe, take notes, or get in on the action. Certain classes are way more hands-on than others. Dumpling 101 classes, for example, requires all clients to fold their own dumplings. Each class typically has 12-14 clients, so we are big enough to have fun but small enough to stay intimate.

    For three reasons:

    • Better Learning Experience: We often handle unfamiliar dishes, new ingredients, and new cooking techniques. When clients are fully occupied with hands-on cooking, their ability to absorb new information may diminish, resulting in reduced knowledge retention. With our approach, which combines 50% demonstration and 50% hands-on cooking by volunteers, you benefit from multiple sources of knowledge. You receive instruction from the chef, engage in Q&A sessions with other participants, and learn from volunteers' mistakes. Additionally, experiencing the superbly cooked original recipe provides a reliable reference for your future home cooking endeavors.
    • Catering to Different Learning Styles: We recognize that people learn differently. Some prefer hands-on experience, others prefer observation, and some simply enjoy the meal. Our communal approach accommodates all learning styles and facilitates learning from each other's experiences.
    • Covering More Recipes: A 100% hands-on approach would require additional time for demonstration and replication, limiting class capacity to a maximum of two dishes. Our communal cooking style allows us to efficiently cover 3-4 recipes in a single class.

    Nothing but healthy appetite and humor; we handle the rest. Arrive on time in comfy clothes and shoes for 4 hours of cooking.

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