Cooking Class Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest. It takes 2 full days’ work to run one class. We can run 4-8 classes per month for 9-10 months of the year while maintaining permanent staff. Our experience is that seats available closer to the date (3 weeks or less) don’t sell, as our customers like to plan ahead.

Hence clients are advised to book carefully. Please contact us with questions before making payment. By making payment, it is understood that you agree to the conditions below:

    1. All sales are final. No refunds or referrals are offered. Upon receiving an email confirmation, you have a 24 hour window to make a change, (except for promo & last min sales tickets whose sales are final when making payment) full T&Cs apply thereafter.
    2. If you cannot attend a class, send someone in your place: this includes self-isolation and hospitalisation due to COVID-19 and/or last-minute personal affairs. In this time of uncertainty, we advise our clients to book one class at a time and not book for a large function unless they are sure to attend. We cannot remain viable through the pandemic without this difficult clause.
    3. Last-minute ticket sales: We will advertise last-minute ticket sales at a discounted price, as a service, for clients who are unable to attend their booked class. Should we manage to resell your tickets, the amount will be credited for future class booking or purchase of products. We offer no refund in these circumstances.
    4. Please check mandatory and optional ingredients in the dietary info section before making the payment, especially when booking for someone else. Each class is particular, with little or no room to alter recipes and ingredients.
    5. In the event of force majeure cancellation, the class may be postponed at short notice. These events include but are not limited to lockdown level 4 - 5, protest action, natural disasters, etc. The value of the class will be credited to be used towards future classes and/or products. Only in the event of a client relocating to another state or country will they be eligible for a refund upon presenting evidence to substantiate their claim.
    6. Covid Protocol: Our staff will check body temperature and sanitise hands upon arrival before entering the venue. Any guests experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the venue and will forfeit the class.
    7. Photographs are taken during the class for future promotional use. Should you not wish to be in these photographs, please let us know upon booking.
    8. The menu may change without prior notice if imported ingredients are not available.
    9. A class may be cancelled by Umami Food Studio (UFS) if it does not have a minimum of 9 participants within 5 days of the event date. You will be contacted to reschedule or to arrange for a refund. UFS is not responsible for any additional cost incurred by the client that is associated with the cooking class (e.g. inter-state travel cost).
    10. Allergens / Religious Dietary Requirement: UFS cannot guarantee that any product on our menu is totally free from allergens as we use wheat, soy, egg, shellfish, cooking alcohol, meats (including pork and beef) and sesame extensively. Halaal classes use no alcohol and meat from halaal certified butchers but still make use of the same cooking tools and equipment.
    11. All persons entering the premises do so entirely at their own risk. The owner and employees cannot be held liable for any loss, allergic reaction, theft, damage, injury or death arising from any cause whatsoever on the premises.
    12. Right of admission reserved to protect our IP: Unauthorised use of recipes disclosed in the class is strictly prohibited.
    • Chefs, food business owners/staff: not permitted to attend our cooking classes. Contact us to enquire about our restaurant consulting service and chef’s training.
    • Pastry chefs, bread bakers and confectioners: please alert us before booking.
    • Bloggers, influencers, YouTubers and/or cookbook authors: No redistribution of recipes or parts thereof will not be permitted.
    Cooking Class Ts & Cs: Downloadable Version