Our classes consist of a theoretical component and the practical cooking element with tasting and good laughs in between. Each class has 10-14 participants and runs for 4 hours. You will learn where to source your ingredients, which ingredients to use and appropriate alternatives, economical prep work and how to cook to yield the best results.

We don't have individual cooking stations where all clients get to cook their own
but cook communally as a team: your involvement in the class is up to you, depending on whether you prefer to observe, take notes or get in on the action. Certain classes, especially "workshops", are way more hands-on than others. Dumpling 101 classes, for example, requires all clients to fold their own dumplings.

As much as we love to have fun, we restrict the consumption of alcohol to the end of the class when we sit down to enjoy the delicious food you’ve worked to prepare. Our goal is for each person to leave the class feeling confident in reproducing the recipes they learn at home.

Due to potential conflict of interest and protection of our IP. Previously, we got our recipes published in trade magazines without our knowledge. Some clients launched our classes under their own name in remote areas like Limpopo for domestics and also sold our recipes to restaurants.

With 40-80 hours that goes into the development of each class, it is our duty to protect our IP. Clients will only receive hard copies of recipes to avoid redistribution. With the exception of bakers, who are not in direct competition with us, our classes are strictly limited to home cooks. 

Restaurant consulting and chef’s training on specific skills (e.g. stir-frying) are separate services offered, please contact us for more information.

Nothing but a healthy appetite and your own wine or beer, if you enjoy a glass or two with the meal.

Yes. Please dress comfortably and keep the nails short. Wear flat and closed-toe footwear so you can stand in for long periods. Long hair should be tied back and jewellery kept to a minimum. We advise you not to wear clothes requiring dry cleaning. For Stir Fry 101 and Korean Fried Chicken, one must wear long sleeves to protect arms from splashing oil. For Knife Skills 101, one must come with short nails. For full detail, pls refer the specification section off each class.

To keep a good balance in the class for those who want to learn and those who want to party, we keep the drinking to mealtimes only. This allows us to complete the full class curriculum before the lesson becomes too social. Clients are allowed to have 2 serving of either wine (1/2 bottle) or beer (300ml x 2 can) and no consumption of hard liquor is allowed. Same restriction applies for private classes too.

Yes but with restriction: ½ bottle of wine or 2 cans (300ml) of beer per person. No consumption of hard liquor is allowed. Same restriction applies for private classes too. We will remind you on the alcoholic beverage allowance via group WhatsApp messages, sent prior to the cooking class.

14 years old for our "adult" classes: anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

No, because the kitchen set-up to run an efficient Asian cooking class is very different from an average household kitchen.

The supporting team is also most efficient and effective at our studio.

Yes, if your staff comfortably cooks routine menus, can handle lots of new knowledge, is confident enough to ask questions and is able to learn from observing, not having hands-on experience from A to Z.

Currently we don't have dedicated classes for house staff. So they need to blend into our regular classes and it can be overwhelming depending on their skill level and personality.

If you are not sure, we advise our clients to come to a simple class (e.g. Stir Fry 101, Thai Curries & More) together to understand how it should be and test his/her ability to replicate the dishes back at work.

Should you choose to send your staff, please alert us first before making the payment. So we can understand your needs properly and guide you to the right direction. Hit that WhatsApp chat button at the right corner to reach us 🙏.

Dumpling 10 series

- Easier to make at home: using store bought mince
- Versatile Chinese and Korean recipes
- 3 classes to choose: Pork (and prawn), Lamb & Chicken, Vegan
- Use of prawn is optional

Thai Dumplings class

- Labour intensive: debone and mince chicken thighs. De-shell and mince prawn
- Ingredients are specific to recipe
- Thai recipe: Prawn is a mandatory ingredient hence not for shellfish allergic clients.


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