Knife Skills Training

Transform your time in the kitchen

Knife skills are life skills. For lovers of Asian food, your ability to cook your favourite dishes is dictated by how well you yield a knife. Sushi, sashimi, dumplings, stir-fries, and homemade noodles are all a slice away.

Join us in mastering the blade through slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, and Japanese cuttings. We will finish the class by making refreshing and wholesome Asian salads with what’s been cut. Let's slice through your kitchen time.

Course Contents

  1. Fundamentals: types of knives (Western vs Asian), how to select, handle and maintain
  2. Preparation: setting up a workstation, choosing & maintaining chopping boards, safety rules
  3. Cutting principles: holding a knife, body position, stabilization of cutting objects, what it means to “cut”
  4. Cutting practice: push cut, pull cut, top to down cut, mincing & pasting, chiffonade, Japanese cuts (for sashimi, sushi and tadaki)
  5. Chinese cucumber salad & Oriental slaw

-> Admission: Home cooks only.Bring 20cm Chef's knife to the class.

  • For lunch, 2 salads are served. Standard recipes use sesame, cheese, soy sauce, fish sauce, and cooking alcohol.
  • This workshop accommodates all dietary requirements (halaal, vegan, pescatarian, gluten-free): Please share your requirements when booking.
  • Duration: 4.5 hours / 20% theory & demo + 80% hands-on
  • Class frequency: 7 sessions in 2022
  • Class size: 11 clients per class
  • Bring your own chef's knives (20-22cm): spare knives available for training too
  • Dress code: SHORT NAILS + flat, comfortable shoes

    Please read our full terms & conditions. Upon receiving payment, it is understood that you agree to them. Below are notable ones only.

    1. All sales are final. No refunds or deferrals offered. Upon receiving an email confirmation, you have a 24 hours window to make changes, then full T&Cs apply thereafter.
    2. If you cannot attend, please send someone in your place: this includes self-isolation and hospitalisation due to COVID-19 and urgent personal matters. In this time of uncertainty, we advise our clients not to book for a large group unless everybody is sure to attend.
    3. Right of admission reserved for IP protection:
      Unauthorised use of recipes disclosed in the class is strictly prohibited.
      a. Chefs, food business owners/staff: not permitted to attend our classes.Contact us to enquire about consulting service, kitchen team training and chef's workshops.
      Pastry chefs, bread bakers and confectioners: please alert us before booking.
      c. B
      loggers, influencers, YouTubers and/or cookbook authors: Redistribution of recipes or parts thereof are not permitted.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Michael Neumann
    Excellent teacher and hostess

    I attended Knife Skills course. The course caters for both beginners and those who have been using kitchen knives for some time. We spent significant time actually using our knives learning to be more efficient and many time saving trips and tricks. Rany is an excellent teacher and hostess. Our lesson culminated in a mouth-wateringly delicious Asian style meal that was produced with the various ingredients we sliced and diced. I highly recommend Umami Food Studio, and will definitely be attending Rany's other classes.

    Amazing Experience!

    We spent the day, learning about knife skills in the kitchen. From how to hold your knife, sharpening and cleaning your knife, to slicing sashimi, taking skin off salmon, julienne carrots etc. It was an amazing experience and I can strongly recommend going to any of Rany’s classes!!!!

    Margot Glyn
    Enhance your knife skills

    Even though you think you know how to use your chef’s knife, you don’t! Rany focuses on how to hold the knife, position your fingers to avoid injury, how to place your body, shoulders and arms. It is important to RELAX! We used dough to simulate how to cut sashimi and we learnt how to cut the main vegetables used in cooking including the popular “julienne” and “chiffonnade”. Finally, we finished with the most delicious meal using all the expertly cut vegies. I learnt so much and feel more confident to try these skills at home. Thanks for your professional class, Rany.

    A Really Great Time!

    I attended this course as the original recipients had some unexpected engagements, and their loss was my win! The course is in-depth; covering choosing a good knife, how to hold a knife, how to do different cutting techniques safely, the uses of your different cuts, how to improve food safety/kitchen hygiene and even a little at how to look after your knife. It's not for the faint of heart, (I have a callous forming!) but if you want to have a wonderful time, eat delicious food and learn useful skills, I recommend this course! Rany is a wonderful teacher, she's stern yet encouraging!

    Tanya Monteiro
    A Must

    The knife skills course exceeded my expectations. I learnt how to hold a knife, how to stand, how to make cutting easier and safer and much much faster. Simple things but with w our sous value to me. Rany is super knowledgeable, deeply committed and organised which I find inspiring. I'd I have done every one of her courses by now if I lived in the same province. Highly recommended⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️