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[Annual Event] Udon From Scratch Workshop

Hands-on workshop for Japanese soul food

A true taste trip to Japan! Join us to discover the world of udon including dashi stock and mentsuyu sauce; the backbone of Japanese cuisine. 

In 2019, I spent a month in Osaka, Japan and learned to make udon from a third-generation noodle master. The bouncy and silky texture of freshly made udon is so worth the effort, thus the udon workshop was born.

Course Contents

  1. Making udon noodles from scratch
  2. Making dashi stock from scratch
  3. Making mentsuyu sauce from scratch
  4. Hot udon served in dashi stock
  5. (for summer) udon served in cold sauce
  6. Udon noodle salad
  7. Yaki udon: Stir-fried udon

-> Admission: Home cooks only

    • Mandatory ingredients (no substitutions): wheat, soy sauce, cooking alcohol, mushroom, seaweed
    • Optional ingredients (toppings): beef, prawn, chicken, tofu, egg, fish cake
    • Red meat-free, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan option offered
    • No gluten-free, halaal option offered
    • Duration: 4.5 hours / 40% demo + 60% hands-on
    • Class frequency: Winter class. 1 class in 2022 
    • Complementary class: Knife Skills 101
    • Alcohol consumption: not allowed

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        Unauthorised use of recipes disclosed in the class is strictly prohibited.
        a. Chefs, food business owners/staff: not permitted to attend our classes.Contact us to enquire about consulting service, kitchen team training and chef's workshops.
        Pastry chefs, bread bakers and confectioners: please alert us before booking.
        c. B
        loggers, influencers, YouTubers and/or cookbook authors: Redistribution of recipes or parts thereof are not permitted.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Andrea Shine
      A workout in the kitchen.

      I had such fun working up an appetite while stomping on my noodles. Who knew noodles could be so strenuous?!? We were rewarded with delicious food and wonderful recipes that I have already recreated at home to rave reviews from my family. I was also lucky enough to pack my freezer with homemade udon noodles from the leftovers from the class.

      Robyn Louw
      Hard work but such fun!

      I have a new found respect for the Udon Noodle! We had a blast during this class making our own Udon noodles from scratch and could even take some dough home to practice. The food we ate was world class as always with the most delicious flavors! Rany is great at teaching you exactly what you need to know to make the recipes at home. I really enjoyed this course!