[Vegan] Japanese Hon Mirim 250ml

Soon-to-be your favourite pantry item too

Mirim, or mirin, is a sweet and syrupy rice wine widely used in Japan and Korea. Hon (translated as “real”) mirim is the highest quality category of mirim containing 14% alcohol and 0% salt. Here are some benefits of cooking with mirim:

  • Adds a pleasant mild sweetness and depth to dishes 
  • Masks strong fishy and gamey smells
  • Tenderises meats and allows for flavour absorption 
  • Extends shelf life if applied to raw meat before storing in the fridge
  • Adds lustre and a nice glaze to dishes when cooked together

Glutinous rice, rice koji, and shochu (allergens: yeast)

  • Vegan: Probiotic, gluten-free, 100% natural and raw
  • Origin: Japan
  • Shelf life: Does not expire
  • Storage: Cool, dry, dark place

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