I. Chopstick Case

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Protect and carry your chopsticks in style

Japanese culture shares a tradition of privacy and a minimalistic lifestyle - with this, the practice of carrying one’s own utensils.

This case supplies a hygienic solution to storing your chopsticks with the convenience of slipping it into your handbag or lunch bag. The nature of this receptacle encourages people to reuse and reduce waste in an effort to be more responsible towards the environment.


    • Size: 25.8cm (L) x 3.3cm (W) x 1.5cm (H)
    • Maximum length of chopsticks to store: 24.5cm
    • Material: Plastic with AS resin and polypropylene
    • Made in Japan


    • Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave
    • Hand wash using a soft cloth or sponge, avoid using a scrubber or scouring pad
    • Do not place near fire or in boiling water