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Korean Fried Chicken

"THE" class to make you a family hero: Simply 10/10!

Korea is a fried chicken nation as much as SA is a braai nation. In contrast to the heavily breaded Western chicken, Korean versions are lighter, crunchier, and juicier.

The ingenious combination of coating the chicken in light starch batter and double-frying them renders the fat and then crisps the skin to the point that it essentially becomes a shell encasing the succulent meat. Going one step further, fried chickens are often glazed with a honey ginger soy sauce or sweet and spicy chilli sauce. Fry up a mess of these for your family and friends, and they'll love you forever.

Course Contents

  1. (Theory) 6 Steps to master Korean fried chicken
  2. (Theory) Correct batter/ dredge: wet, dry, combination method
  3. (Theory) Deep frying / double frying technique
  4. Yuzu daikon pickle or cucumber & paprika pickle
  5. Frying KFCs:
  • KFC, old fashion way 
  • KFC, glazed in ginger honey soy sauce
  • KFC, glazed in sweet & spicy gochujang sauce
  • KFC, with fried garlic & chilli topping

-> Admission: Home cooks only
-> (Available from July) Shop the ingredients. Make it at home.

    • Mandatory ingredients (no substitutions): Chicken, mirim (cooking alcohol), wheat, soy sauce, honey, sesame
    • Relatively gluten-free class: If you can consume soy sauce and a small amount of wheat (less than 1 tablespoon), pls join.
    • No halaal option offered: pls join Halaal KFC class
    • Duration: 4 hours / 40% demo + 60% hands-on
    • Class frequency: 4 classes in 2022
    • Dress code: LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS 
    • Great for: Easy entertainment, man's favourite, kids' favourite

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Louisa Du Toit
    Absolutely loved our class

    Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
    Absolutely loved our Korean Fried Chicken class at Umami Food Studio today. Delicious food, great education, and a great selection of take home ingredients to make it at home too!

    Thank you Louisa for the review and once again welcome to the world of exciting (but no fuss) Asian home cooking ! Hope this will be the first of many encounters moving foreword.

    Lauren Arrow
    We learnt so much

    We did the Korean Fried Chicken course and absolutely loved it! Rany is a fantastic host and is very knowledgeable. We learnt so much and are looking forward to the next courses. Highly recommended! #KFC

    Leana Blom
    Wonderful and Informative

    We had the most wonderful and informative (not to mention delicious!) morning with Rany learning all about Korean Fried Chicken #KFC. We also got to sample and buy for their extensive range of ingredients, sauces, pickles, frozen dumplings and cordials. I’ll definitely return for another class and to stock up the pantry.

    Glad to hear your first experience with us was positive!!! Now time to impress everyone around you with new “frying” skill and see you later for more.

    Morris Zach
    The Art of Deep Frying

    Positive: Professionalism
    I had the most wonderful experience at Umami Food Studio. I attended the #KFC class or Korean Fried Chicken wanting to not only learn how to make this wonderful dish but to also learn more about the art of deep frying. I did not leave disappointed! Rany is a wonderful teacher. The class is totally interactive so you get to do the cooking alongside learning the techniques and tricks. Best of all, you get to eat all this wonderful food together. Rany shares all the secrets to get things right and she makes sure you understand what you have been taught so that you are confident going home to prepare these dishes for friends and family.

    Gina Grealey
    Total Deliciousness!

    If you want a Masterclass and a brilliant taste explosion on your palate, I highly recommend doing the KFC Class with Rany Jo.

    She is passionate, witty and forthright, you leave wanting to go home and immediately apply your skills to impress your family and friends.

    Don't despair - if you don't have any of the ingredients on hand, you can do your shopping on site from her fully stocked pantry. No fuss!!

    Total deliciousness!!!

    Thank you Gina for your review. I believe good food energises one's soul and hope you will energise your family with KFC!