Vietnamese Spring Roll

Fresh Vietnamese street food, loved by all

Learn to make restaurant-quality spring rolls and accompaniments with the ability to cater to anyone’s palate and dietary requirements. Whether for an appetiser, lunch box, quick dinner or party platter, spring rolls are a firm favourite. They’re fresh, flavorful, fun and require no cooking. An excellent summer meal and the ultimate load-shedding companion.

Prep in advance and make any meal, from entertaining to healthy cooking for one, a breeze.For those in a hurry, this delish course is also available asa meal kit.

-> Admission: Home cooks only

Course Contents

  1. Making sauces from scratch
  2. Vietnamese (quick) pickles
  3. Prepping vegetables & herb platter
  4. Prepping the protein
  5. Setting up for DIY Party & making spring rolls

    Dietary Info

    Standard Class

    • Mandatory ingredients (no substitutions): chicken, salmon, peanutsoy saucesesame, fish sauce, pineapple, cooking alcohol, coriander, rice paper
    • Optional ingredients: pork, prawn, cucumber
    • Relatively gluten-free: use soy sauce

    Halal Class

    • Mandatory ingredients (no substitutions): halal chicken, salmon, peanutsoy saucesesame, fish sauce, pineapple, coriander, rice paper
    • Optional ingredients: halal beef, prawn, cucumber
    • Relatively gluten-free: use soy sauce


    • Duration: 4 hours / 50% demonstration + 50% hands-on
    • Great for: Easy entertaining, private parties, weekly meal prep
        2022 Dates