[Cooking Class] Vietnamese Comfort Food

The art of transforming one chicken into a Vietnamese feast. 

Join us to learn flavourful classic Vietnamese food; it's pure goodness hugging you from the inside, especially in winter. Rany learned these recipes in Hoi-An, the Vietnamese food capital, during her 2018 food study trip.

In this class, you will learn Rany's "whole chicken, no waste" technique: a continuous cooking method to extract best value and flavour from a chicken. Chicken is carefully poached to remain succulent while releasing enough flavour to turn the boiling water into stock. That stock becomes a base for Chicken Pho and Chicken Rice, while the poached chicken is seasoned and served as a garnish. This is a highly economical way to plan restaurant-quality meals ahead of time. 

Course Contents

  1. Vietnamese chicken broth from scratch
  2. Pho Ga: Fragrant and aromatic chicken broth, served with rice noodles and tender chicken
  3. Com Ga: Chicken rice, served with juicy chicken, carrot & radish pickle and spring onion & ginger sauce
  4. Goi Ga: Vietnamese chicken salad with an addictive oil-free dressing
  5. Stir-fried morning glory: the king of vegetable stir fry

-> Admission: Home cooks only

    Dietary Info

    • Mandatory Ingredients (no substitutions): chicken, fish sauce, soy sauce, sesame, fermented soy bean paste
    • Optional ingredients: crab, coriander
    • Halal recipes: alcohol-free + halal chicken. Non-Muslim clients may enjoy a glass of wine with their meals. 
    • Low-gluten class: please join if you can consume soy sauce and miso paste


    • Duration: 4 hours / 80% demo + 20% hands-on (heavy on knowledge transfer)
    • Great for: Easy entertaining, everyday cooking

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