Dumpling 101: Multi-Diet

Sensational dumplings for all palates!

Perfect class allowing you to please vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians AND meat-lovers! Once you learn to make scrumptious vegan dumplings, the rest is easy. Just switch the tofu with prawn, chicken, lamb or your choice of protein.

In this class, we will leverage umami-rich Asian vegetables and fermented ingredients as building blocks of stunning flavours. It will be your favourite homemade fast food and soon you’ll stock your freezer full of dumplings. 

Note: For meat-eaters, chicken mince is used instead of tofu. Spanish & cream cheese dumpling is only taught in this class.

Course Contents

  1. Making fillings & sauce
    • Asian mushroom
    • Kimchi & Tofu
    • (Bonus Recipe) Spinach & Cream cheese
    • Rany’s signature dipping sauce
    • Sweet & sour sauce (for glazing)
  2. Making dumplings: Folding techniques, storage solutions
  3. Cooking & serving dumplings
    • Panfried (or deep-fried) dumplings 
    • Steamed dumplings + red oil sauce and coriander
    • Potstickers with crispy lace

-> Admission: Strictly home cooks only

    • Mandatory Ingredients (no substitutions): Miso paste, soy sauce, cheeses, mushrooms, kimchi, sesame, wheat, spinach 
    • Optional ingredients: peanuts, tofu, chicken, prawns
    • Halal class: No alcohol in shared food
    • No gluten-free option offered
    • Duration: 4 hours / 50% demo + 50% hands-on
    • Complementary class: Knife Skills 101
    • Great for: Easy entertaining, family bonding, team building, private parties

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Samantha Reid
      a sensory explosion.

      Rany’s vegan dumpling course was an amazing experience. She is professional and an excellent teacher. The flavours she has developed using vegan ingredients is unbelievable-a sensory explosion. I cannot wait to put my skills into practice. I hope to attend another course in the near future! Thanks Rany!

      Isabelle Carol Hagner
      absolutely LOVED IT.

      An amazing studio, small and friendly but also highly professional with Rany as our instructing chef... what an experience and so much practical advice... absolutely LOVED IT

      Thank you Zabi for the recommemmdation. Was great to meet you and your young chefs. Practice, master dumplings and see you again for more!

      Mahendree Bishop
      What an awesome experience.

      I went to the dumplings 101 course on Thursday....and what an awesome experience!!
      the location, the food and the host were amazing .....
      Rany is such a lovely host! will definitely be back.

      Thank you Mel for the review. Looking forward to seeing you again!

      Danya Ming Sun
      STILL talking about how delicious the food was!

      I had THE MOST AMAZING time!! Thanks so much Rany- my sister and I are STILL talking about how delicious the food was! I highly recommend the dumpling class! Thank you thank you thank you!