Izakaya Eats: Japanese Tapas & Salads

Quick, wholesome with Japanese touches!

Izakaya, the Japanese tapas bars, are known for simple, freshly cooked seasonal dishes that are big on flavour and fantastic with drinks. Cook them at home through the Izakaya Eats series. The first class teaches the fundamentals of meal prep and salad making, allowing you to improvise based on what's in your fridge.

Our protein-rich "salads" are designed to excite even the fussiest meat-lovers with the light yet impactful sauces and dressings. Spend 10 minutes tossing a meal together and serve as an appetizer, main or in your lunchbox the next day. Present them all in one go as a feast on your next getaway or family gathering.

Course Contents 

Note: An upgraded adaptation of the "Delectable Oriental Salads" class

  1. (Theory) Do & Don't for making great salads
  2. (Theory) Plan & execute dinner on a weekday
  3. [Warm salad] Chicken & soba noodle salad
  4. Broccoli salad with smoked salmon
  5. [Warm salad] Beef pancake with garlic chive salad
  6. [Warm salad] Salmon tataki + ponzu dressing

-> Admission: Home cooks only

    • Mandatory Ingredients (no substitutions): soy sauce, mushroom, sesame, mirim, wheat flour (allergens: wheat, yeast, soy, cooking alcohol)
    • Optional ingredients: salmon, chicken, beef, prawn, tofu, egg
    • Red meat-free, pescatarian, Low GI and vegan options offered
    • No halaal / No gluten-free option offered
    • Duration: 4 hours / 50% demonstration + 50% hands-on
    • Class frequency: 5 classes in 2022
    • Great for: Everyday cooking, healthy meal planning, easy entertaining, ladies' gathering

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      From one foodie to another..

      Thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class.. Rany is excellent with precise demonstrations which encourages hands-on learning whilst savouring the delicious asian smells & tastes. The setting of her studio is beautiful & inviting to stir up one’s creativity juices in her lessons. I will certainly attend many more lessons!!

      Even men can handle veggies happily in this class!!

      Really great to learn how to make fun salads. Even hard-core meat eaters and men will appreciate this. Well done and loved Rany's enthusiasm and passion.

      Lorna Middup

      Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

      Sabine Leitner
      Loved this new experience

      Positive: Quality, Value
      Loved this new experience. !

      Claudia Accone
      Awesome experience

      Positive: Professionalism, Value
      An awesome experience. Great to attend with a friend or family member
      Leant so many different salad ideas