Covid-19 Precautions

How we have been navigating:

  • In February 2020, with the outbreak of Covid 19, we shut down the cooking class business faster than anyone else: a day before the president's first speech.
  • We were also among the last to re-open in March 2021, after ensuring the country could adequately cope.
  • We do not run classes during the Covid-19 peak seasons (e.g. December - January holiday period and Easter). 

Preventive measures in place with classes:

  1. Only one class per day with a limited fixed capacity, in line with regulations and guidelines stipulated by the government.
  2. All employees are vaccinated and their health conditions are closely monitored daily. If symptoms are shown, they are sent for a Covid 19 test followed by sick leave.
  3. Check-in: temperatures are taken and hands are sanitised by staff before entering the venue. 
  4. Masks must be worn at all times unless eating and drinking: applies to clients, staff and the instructor.
  5. Minimum staff & client interaction: time spent within 1,5 metres of clients is kept to a minimum.
  6. Hand sanitiser is readily available. Disposable napkins are available. Individual hand towels are distributed to dry hands.
  7. Pre-arranged table seating to allow clients to sit in groups across 2 tables. 
  8. Tables are cleaned and sanitised after each group. Frequently touched objects and surfaces are regularly disinfected.
  9. Daily deep clean is done before and after the class to disinfect the entire space used for the class.
  10. For the sale of products following completion of a class, we will not accept cash or credit card payment. Invoices are emailed later for EFT payment.